Case studies.


Annabel Seeds: Growing a whole new approach

New Zealand’s favourite cook asked us to help grow her brand through a partnership with Tui. The new line of products would help New Zealanders grow more of the food they love to eat. The Annabel Langbein Delicious Gardens brand offered mixed packs of seeds for a range of cuisines and purposes – from Asian treats to growing a bee-friendly garden.

Our audit of competing offers quickly revealed that rivals tended to take a traditional category-focused approach. That offered us huge opportunities, we felt, to gain visibility quickly by capitalising on Annabel’s incredible reputation and creating designs that broke with category conventions. The resulting Annabel Langbein merchandising brand marque was all about being consumer-relevant, with its casual, human styling and visual language that emphasised accessibility through hand rendered type and illustration. It’s been a big success. Stock completely sold out.