Case studies.


Fonterra: We Are What We Eat

With dairy sales slipping and consumers starting to doubt whether dairy was healthy, Fonterra asked us to develop a consumer programme to encourage more people to eat dairy.

We could have countered these concerns with a fact-focused campaign. But we knew from research that the reluctance to consume more dairy was about much more than the foods themselves. It was tied in directly with how people chose to eat, where, when, and how. We responded with an experiential relationship brand and a national cause that puts consumers first and where they genuinely benefit from participation. 

We Are What We Eat is a food inspiration platform with a social backstory, encouraging and enabling kiwi’s to get back in the kitchen and cook real food that is healthy and nutritious. These recipes have been carefully created to make life at home a little easier, so we can spend more time as families around the table.



Consumers want to engage with relevant, genuine content that tells them what they really want to know and that doesn’t feel contrived. The most powerful content connects with people’s needs and desires for themselves and their world. Our approach enabled us to hook into consumers lives via food and social commentary around food & family.

–       Millions of people reached
–       43,000+ fans converted in 14 months
–       Millions of recipe video views
–       A significant uplift in sales across their portfolio