Case studies.

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Framingham is a small, yet highly regarded vineyard known for delivering quality sustainable and organic wines. They pride themselves on being bold and original, combining knowledge and innovation to create wines that traditional Marlborough vineyards wouldn’t dare.  Our brief was to update the brand to capture the character of the winery with packaging that differentiates Framingham from the pack.

First we met with people at the winery to find out what makes them tick – from the charming woman at the cellar door, to the romantic viticulturist distraught at impending rain, and the winemaker with a passion for punk and rock & roll. Once we had a good understanding of their passion and commitment, we began to form a clearer impression of the winery’s character as a whole.

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To make Framingham stand out from the crowd, we then translated this character and their brand values into our design approach.

Perfectionist – we considered every single design detail
Bold – we added an element of rock & roll
Free – we were experimental in our expression
Non-conformist – we didn’t conform to traditional wine cues
Iconic – we wanted to create something truly individual and distinctive

In a cluttered wine landscape, Framingham now truly stands out from the crowd as a bold, innovative, individualistic and thoroughly modern wine brand.

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