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BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_2BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_2

Health Basics – Scrub

Anxiety and a turbulent political climate mean that self-care (or ‘me time’) is now seen as an essential rather than an indulgence, especially among millennials. And with current consumer trends firmly towards health, wellness and sustainability, humble bath products are making a comeback. With this in mind, Health Basics wanted to introduce two new products to their range: bath scrubs and bath salts.  As you’d expect, brand and cut-through play a pivotal role in both these categories.

‘Me time’ is all about the experience: bringing a sense of comfort, relaxation and ritual to our lives. Feeling calm, purified, grounded and re-energised  - ready for whatever life throws at us. Yet the category look for salts and scrubs we discovered was very functional. So we looked outside of category for our visual cues to another daily ritual – wellness drinks and tea.

We knew our packaging had to be simple, beautiful and Instagram-able– not only for cut-through on the shelf, but also to reflect the social media trends of the consumer.

BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_3BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_3
BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_4BEST 2019 HB Scrubs_4

The ‘experience’ was key, from start to finish. First, we kept things simple – naming our products ‘Soak’ and ‘Scrub’ for standout on the shelf.  Each product variety was also named to reflect both the natural ingredients and the experience of using the product.

The different colourways were designed to reflect the ingredients too, and the abstract, organic shapes on the packaging to suggest the texture and feel of using the product. Cutouts gave a suggestive glimpse of the product itself.

The new design gave a premium feel for what had until now essentially been a budget brand.

From packaging to smell to textures, the design created real ‘me’ moments. The beautiful aesthetic also broke the natural category, which to date had been very basic and pared back. In short, Scrub and Soak broke new ground and new markets – a wellness product with the promise of nourishing both body and mind.

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