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Our brief was to reinvigorate the brand and create more of an emotional connection with consumers, supported by the valid science behind the pillow.

We quickly identified the opportunity. The ‘Rewind’ pillow promised beauty through sleep. But the benefits of restful sleep go far beyond just the way we look, and the bedroom - they affect our complete wellness: mood, health, physical repair, cognitive performance and happiness.

So we wanted to establish a new, more holistic purpose for the brand – one that made lives better in a physical, emotional and spiritual way – especially in a category that was very clean, white and performance driven. 

This was about inner beauty: the amazing things you can achieve when you’re at the top of your game. And that all starts with sleep.

We also felt that as a brand name Hyoumankind better reflected the values of potential consumers.

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Our brand positioning became Waking up to sleep – offering a product that optimised science and design for wellness, performance and recovery.

We developed a graphic system inspired by the curves of the body and the shape of the pillows, which was also taken across the new wordmark. This was supported by a softer, dreamlike colour palette and epic, emotive landscape photography that reflected dusk and dawn, those natural and magical times between falling asleep and waking up.

Our language too was more holistic, recognising and understanding the human truth behind sleep and the benefits of sleeping better. What was initially a pillow for beauty sleep has now been transformed into a health and wellness product across multiple markets such as spas, hotels, osteopath clinics and beyond.

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