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Killinchy Gold

Killinchy Gold is an award-winning luxury ice cream company based in the South Island.

A family-run business, their philosophy is simple – they use locally sourced, natural ingredients to produce real, full fat ice cream that’s packed with flavour, no holds barred. More is more, if you like.

They are also renowned for creating innovative new flavour combinations, all while adhering to the very best of ice cream-making traditions.

We were asked to update their brand and packaging in line with the premium qualities of their ice cream.

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Gold is in everything we do, so we wanted to leverage that.

Not just our name – Killinchy Gold - but because it enabled us to play on the gold fossicking traditions of the South Island, reflecting our hunt for the very best local ingredients.

In an often over-stylised category, we also wanted to convey the ‘realness’ of the ingredients with our imagery – flavour you can see. Honest and down-to-earth, just like South Islanders.

And of course move the brand forward with a contemporary, premium but approachable feel. 

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Killinchy Gold is an honest brand that uses real, natural local flavours you can see. 

Thus we chose natural, raw photography showcasing the large, whole ingredients in all their natural glory. Not photoshopped idealism, but perfect imperfection, and shots that could stand alone as stunning pieces art in themselves.

To add a premium, luxury feel, backgrounds of stone were inspired by high-end kitchen and restaurant design. We also added subtle visual cues – veins of gold running through them to suggest premium product and give a nod to our South Island gold mining heritage.

Our language too hints at the gold-mining traditions of the South Island, enhancing the premium quality and luxury feel of the product. A reward for tracking us down in the chiller cabinet.

The new brand and packaging gives Killinchy Gold an authentic and contemporary New Zealand while playing on the finest traditions. It reinforces the real, natural and local ingredients and elevates the brand. 

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