Case studies.


Naturally Nood

Sanitarium created a new breakfast muesli, and they needed us to design packaging for it that felt naturally wholesome and tasty. This new muesli was for people who like things au natural, combining familiar ingredients in interesting combinations. Recognising that we could break the category mould by approaching this challenge with humour and fun, the product was aptly named ‘Naturally Nood’ as its honest-to-goodness left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Our cheeky approach was backed up by packaging that highlighted just how tasty and healthy the muesli really is. We used bold graphics to emphasise the familiar ingredients being used in interesting combinations to provide the great mix of taste and natural goodness that shoppers of the brand expect.


Website Images_NaturallyNood_2362x1575px V23Website Images_NaturallyNood_2362x1575px V23
Website Images_NaturallyNood_2362x1575px V22Website Images_NaturallyNood_2362x1575px V22
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