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Only Good – Body Bar

With current consumer trends firmly towards health, wellness, simplicity and sustainability, the humble soap is making a comeback - especially among millennials. Building on their success with body & hand wash, soap seemed a natural move for the Only Good brand.

The success of Only Good has been based on bringing a department store aesthetic to the supermarket. We wanted to do the same with soap - take it from an everyday functional product to a beautiful interior accessory. And achieve maximum cut-through on the supermarket shelf.

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The idea of ‘experience’ was key to bringing the bars to market. We started by creating four different soaps, each with its own unique appeal and sensorial effect. The bars were named to reflect the ingredients and experience of use.

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We then created four bespoke illustrations inspired by the names and sensation of experience and elevated the packaging away from the traditional ‘basic’ supermarket soap with the use of foil, debossed detail and textured stock. From box to bar we broke the category and created something personal, collectable and special. Only Good raised the simple soap to that of a design object, making an inexpensive purchase something to feel excited about.

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