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Protein Blend

With growing consumer interest in protein for macronutrients and its direct relation to sports nutrition and muscle recovery, Sanitarium have launched a high protein beverage in Australia. They wanted to target balanced, achievement orientated, driven people and shout out a new offering amongst the noise of the cluttered, harsh, black and white, competitive high protein drinks fridge. 

With packaging being the primary tool to communicate with the consumer we needed to create a design that challenges the conventional and portray the active, energetic and sports orientated approach with natural cues being at the forefront for the look and feel. Through the design system we illustrated how effective the product is through strong colour blocking for greater on shelf presence and cut through with efficacious brand marking and a benefit led name which talks directly to the target audience. Technical iconography plays to the overall effectiveness of the product and the use of colour blocking and clear space stands out as simplistic and effective in a noisy category environment.

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