Case studies.



A shower experience for a lifestyle on the move 

As female consumers become more aware of what goes into her food as well as her personal care products, she demands that what goes on or in her body be transparent in its ingredients, and strives to include ingredients found in nature.

 What she’s feeling reflects an unease with multinational corporations, big pharma and synthetic chemicals, and a growing interest in the possibilities that exist at the intersection of science and nature.

 These insights are where Skin & Tonic was born. A range of body washes aimed at a younger audience, but bound to entice a cross-generational mix. This range is about a healthy lifestyle for a consumer set that’s always on the move.



By tapping into the consumer relevant trend of cold pressed juice with a balance of science vs. nature, we created a name, brand and packaging that feels credible and authentic, yet fun and underpinned by key messages of revitalisation, health, wellbeing and hydration.

 Where the Only Good range is designed for the family bathroom, this is something altogether more personal, and ‘just for me’. The everyday shower is enlivened – becoming part playtime, part ritual of reconnection.