Case studies.


A shower experience for a lifestyle on the move 

Our client wanted a bright, bold and premium gel body wash range to stand out on New Zealand supermarket shelves. Targeting millennials, the health and image conscious young female consumer doesn’t think twice about spending a little more on something just for her. She believes the path to beauty is through wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Not content to put any old thing on her skin, she seeks products with ingredients found in nature and free from “nasties” like sulphates/parabens.

We chose a modern name to challenge the category – “Skin” to identify the product is used topically and “Tonic” to invoke a feeling of vigour or wellbeing. We tapped into cold pressed juice category aesthetics and chose a transparent bottle to let the product speak for itself. The balance of science vs. nature created a brand and pack modernity that feels credible and authentic, yet fun with the key messages of revitalisation, health, wellbeing and skin hydration coming through loud and clear.


By tapping into the consumer relevant trend of cold pressed juice with a balance of science vs. nature, we created a name, brand and packaging that feels credible and authentic, yet fun and underpinned by key messages of revitalisation, health, wellbeing and hydration.

 Where the Only Good range is designed for the family bathroom, this is something altogether more personal, and ‘just for me’. The everyday shower is enlivened – becoming part playtime, part ritual of reconnection.