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The Milkman

As the world gets more connected, people get more disconnected from each other and from the rituals they grew up with. We’re bringing back the milk delivery man, just like the good old days, but this time he’s gone digital.

When it comes to fresh deliverables, consumers are motivated by convenience, reliability, not having to think about it (set and forget) and freshness. My Milkman is an online service where consumers can order their basic weekly staples, such as milk, bread and butter. Simply select which days you want your items delivered and they’ll be delivered fresh to your doorstep by 7am that morning.

We wanted the design to portray a strong sense of community, connection and nostalgia, but done in a modern way. We used farmers market cues to reflect the freshness of the product, paired with hand crafted icons and textures, nodding back to the old milk lids. The wordmark was inspired by the stencil typography often seen on the side of farmers crates, not too refined or perfect.