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BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F2BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F2

Tui Garden Products – Essentials & Organics Range

The existing packaging for Tui Essentials and Organics, while friendly and bright, was felt to be a little too whimsical and lacking key consumer drivers to purchase.

We were tasked with strengthening the brand, giving Tui greater standout in a cluttered gardening segment, and reinforcing effectiveness across the entire range.

With over 35 products, we needed to create a design system to unify that range, but also clearly distinguish between individual products and their benefits for gardeners.

BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F3BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F3
BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F4BEST 2019 Tui Essentials_F4

Large or small, every garden is a complete ecosystem in itself.  Every aspect of the garden has its own role and purpose, and they all work together to create something natural and wonderful - much like every Tui product. Using this insight, instead of a Tui design system we created a Tui design Ecosystem.

Bright, vibrant and adaptable across various colourways (e.g. a more earthy palette for Organics), this allowed us to crop in on any area of the master illustration to use for individual products – from Seed Raising to Potting Mix to Sheep Pellets. To highlight practical product benefits across the range, we also created a full suite of over 100 bespoke icons.

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