Case studies.

BEST 2019 Tui Premium2BEST 2019 Tui Premium2

Tui Garden Products – Pro Range

Tui came to us after engaging TRA on consumer research that highlighted their emotional disconnect with consumers at a brand level, and their ineffective packaging at point of purchase.

The Tui brand was deemed too whimsical, which meant consumers weren’t convinced of its effectiveness in the garden.

With these consumer insights we segmented the Tui range into three sectors: Essentials for everyday gardening, Organics for cleaner gardening products and Tui pro for more effective gardening.

Armed with a better understanding of consumer needs, we repositioned and redesigned the Pro range.

BEST 2019 Tui Premium3BEST 2019 Tui Premium3
BEST 2019 Tui Premium4BEST 2019 Tui Premium4

Our target market in this segment is looking for something strong, simple, innovative and technical.  We wanted to upsell the scientific feel, while retaining the pared back simplicity and strength of the new range. To achieve this, we changed the visual language from bright and fun to serious and technical, creating an area on front of pack to highlight the active ingredients. 

We used a simple colour palette, more technical patterns and metallic print finishes to dial up the efficacy and premium cues. We also created a more technical feel for the information panel bottom of pack with icons and graphical cues to reinforce the effectiveness of the range.

BEST 2019 Tui Premium5BEST 2019 Tui Premium5
BEST 2019 Tui Premium6BEST 2019 Tui Premium6
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