Case studies.

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Up & Go Blends

UP&GO wanted to introduce a new product aimed at the adult market. A healthier, premium liquid breakfast made with real ingredients that talked to the anti-sugar trends – something that had never really existed before. Our brief was to design this new brand, positioning it as a healthy breakfast option without denigrating the core UP&GO range.

We treated the new drink like a premium smoothie – a natural liquid breakfast. We called the new product UP& GO Blends – an honest name that reflected the sophisticated new flavour combinations such as Banana & Cinnamon and Cocoa & Almond. The packaging also reflected the premium nature of the drink, without shouting.

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Up & Go

Sanitarium Australia approached us to help modernise the Up & Go visual identity, ensuring it stays relevant whilst also addressing key research insights at the same time. A key consideration was to leverage brand equity that had been built up over 20 years and retain existing neuro triggers on pack.

We wanted to shift just enough to deliver a fresh impression to existing consumers while broadening the appeal to lapsed consumers and non-consumers. We clarified the range architecture, claim hierarchy and variant differentiation, by simplifying and modernising the Up & Go liquid breakfast range.

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